Balanced Home Design 101

The Fundamentals Of Creating A Sustainable And Wellness-Centered Home

Learn how to simplify the decision making process during your renovation or new home build by knowing exactly what to prioritize when designing an eco-friendly, healthy home.

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Designing and building your home should be a fun adventure, not the thing keeping you up at night.


But for most people, home design is a completely new experience.  And venturing into the unknown can cause fear and hold you back from getting started.  It's normal to feel like...


There's too much to do and not enough time

Overwhelmed already? There's a lot to think about and organize during the design process, and that can feel daunting!

You're afraid of going over budget

How do you keep your budget in check when designing a healthy and environmentally friendly home?

You can't communicate your ideas and your vision

You know you want a beautiful home that promotes your family's health and well-being, but how do you get the message across?

Right now you're not quite sure how to begin designing a home that will keep your family and the planet healthy.

That's what the Fundamentals course is here for!

 The Balanced Home Design 101 course is an introductory course that will invite you into the world of eco-friendly, healthy, calm, and comfortable homes.

It will teach you what sustainable, wellness-centered homes are,

why they are so important, 

and set you up for success so you can create your own eco-friendly healthy, happy, comfortable home.



This course is an introduction to sustainable and healthy home design, teaches you how to get started on the right path, and shows you the most valuable design strategies for creating an eco-friendly, wellness-centered home.

If you're planning a renovation or new home build, and any of these sound like you, you'll want to join this course!

  • "I'm afraid of getting the design wrong and wasting money or being unhappy with my home"  
  •  "I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of decisions that need to be made for my renovation/new build"
  •  "I'm excited to dive into the design of my home, and I want to be as prepared as possible!"
  •  "I want to make sure my home is a calm, happy place that is good for my family and good for the planet"
  •  "I have no idea where to begin with the design of my renovation/new home build!"
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Join the course to...

Get Clear On Your Project Goals

Building or renovating your home is probably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, so it's important to get it right!  The right design will make your life easier, improve your health and happiness, and nourish the planet.

Make The Right Choices For Your Healthy Home

You'll save time and money by figuring out what is most important to you and your family.  You'll also learn the must-have's for any eco-friendly, wellness-centered home design so you know you're making the right choices.

Enjoy The Process

Your home design project shouldn't be keeping you up at night.  When you're clear on your goals and how to communicate them, and you know the most important aspects of creating a sustainable and healthy home, you'll be able to enjoy the journey.

Plain and Simple: The Balanced Home Design 101 course is the first thing you want to do when preparing for a renovation or new build!


Your Guide


Hi!  I'm Kate Hamblet, a licensed architect that specializes in designing homes that enhance the health of people and the planet. 

I know that not every budget allows for architectural design services.  But just because you aren’t hiring an architect shouldn't mean your project isn't successful.

The thing is, there's a lot that goes into the home design process. And if you don't have experience with design and the building process, it can get pretty overwhelming and even turn ugly.  

Generally if you don’t hire an architect you take the risk of getting a lot of things wrong, and that can be very costly. 

So I created Balanced Home Design 101 to start to bridge the gap between going it alone and hiring a pricey architect, because everyone deserves to live in a beautiful, comfortable, healthy home.

What's Inside The Course?

Module 1: Sustainable and Healthy Home Background

This module will lay the groundwork for understanding what a sustainable, wellness-centered, healthy home actually is and why we all need to be living in healthy homes.  It will give you actionable advice to start making change to your house now and to start creating a list of materials for your renovation or new build.

Module 2: Project Goal Setting

Getting clear on your goals and intentions for your renovation or new build is what's going to set you up for success and allow you to create a home that truly aligns with your lifestyle.  This will save you time, money and overwhelm throughout the design and construction process!  In this module, you'll go through the step-by-step process to create your goals and priorities list that you can share with your project team.

Module 3: The Top 10 Sustainable and Healthy Home Must-Have's

This module dives into the 10 most important design considerations that every eco-friendly, wellness-centered home needs to consider.  Knowing these 10 design strategies will cut down on the overwhelm and the amount of decisions you need to make throughout the design process.


The 3 modules of the course are designed to set you up for a successful project start, but these bonuses are a helpful accompaniment for anyone navigating the design process.

Your Healthy Home Report Canva Template

Access the exact template I use to create a beautiful, easy to follow report that compiles all the most important pre-design information.  This report is perfect to be able to share with your architect, contractor, or any other team member.  All you have to do is plug in your own project goals and images.

(Valued at $47)

The Non-Toxic Materials Guide For Your Sustainable, Wellness-Centered Home

This guide will give you a jump start on your sustainable, non-toxic materials research and will save you countless hours trying to research products on your own.

(Valued at $47)

Pre-Design Checklists and Spreadsheets

There's a lot to keep track of when designing your healthy home or renovation.  Use these spreadsheets and checklists to keep yourself organized and to stay on track:

  • Site Analysis Checklist
  • Program of Spaces Spreadsheet
  • Zoning Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Existing Conditions Checklist

 (Valued at $97)

How To Choose A Contractor For Your Sustainable, Wellness-Centered Home


Finding a contractor that aligns with your sustainable, wellness-centered values can be tricky.  This video lesson gives you advice on how to select a contractor and includes a checklist of questions to ask potential contractors.

(Valued at $37)


This is an independent study course.  You have immediate access to the full course and bonuses.


Working with an architect to get this information would cost thousands of dollars. 

And if you did it alone you'd spend countless hours researching, never knowing how accurate the information is.


But with this course, you have all the information at your finger tips for only $97!


  • 17 Video Lessons
  • Material websites tech training
  • PDF Guides and Checklists
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access To All Bonuses (Total value of $228)
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